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Ginsenz - Wild Grown

Ginsenz - Wild Grown American Ginseng

Ginsenz uses techniques and growing conditions that mimic how ginseng would grow in the wild. For example, the ginseng plants grow under the canopy of a forest, rather than cultivated in rows under artificial shade, using large quantities of chemicals.

Ginsenz is commited in growing the best ginseng possible by simulating wild conditions. The ginseng produced is as close as possible to the revered ‘wild’ ginseng. This means the ginseng has even better health benefits than the usual cultivated ginseng.

Ginsenz is located in Nelson, New Zealand, an ideal location to grow American Ginseng. Here, Ginsenz experience a semi-continental climate - warm, dry summers and cool winters. The growing location is in the Mountains of Nelson. With fresh mountain air, running streams, shady forests - this is the perfect location to grow American Ginseng.

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